Hi, I'm Niki

The Mind Freedom Fighter, Facilitator, Speaker & Radio Talk Show Host. 

My speciality and purpose is  to help you free your mind of limiting thoughts & beliefs that create a false reality.

Many of us believe we operate like cameras where we take the external in & react accordingly. 

We are, in fact, projectors as all our thoughts, judgements and beliefs are projected from our mind and onto our reality. In other words, life is not coming AT us, it's coming FROM us.

When we are able to clear our minds, we meet reality as it is and not as a projection of our minds.  We are then free to move forward wholeheartedly and with a renewed appreciation for life.


It's not sugar coating thoughts or beliefs, it's  liberating them!

If you live in Johannesburg, South Africa and you'd like to join our monthly gatherings, leave your details here:





During each session we connect and learn to free our minds of our perceived limitations. When we operate from a

clear mind we become the creators of our experience.



"All I can say is powerful, magnificent, emotion sorting..." 



"I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. All the negative self-talk went away in an instant. I am truly grateful for your support & honesty through this process..."



"I cannot recommend it enough - for those who feel stuck, those that are caught in the treadmill of life, or even those wondering "Is this all there is to life?"


"Relevant and powerful."


I love radio! It's in my blood and I've been doing it for over 20 years! I host a weekly The DL Link show on 101.9 ChaifmIt is an inspiring show that focuses on cancer warriors & their life changing stories. We bring on expert guests to talk about ground breaking treatments, holistic therapies & always invite well known motivational guests to share their wisdom.

Tune in every Thursday at 12h00 (SAST)​ on 101.9 Chaifm

The DL Link operates entirely on the generous donations from the public.

If you'd like to make a donation, please click below:

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"Life is not coming AT you, it's coming FROM you."

Niki Seberini

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