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I'm Niki Seberini, The Mind Freedom Fighter and I'm so excited you've taken the first step in becoming the CREATOR of your life. When you understand that we are not having an 'outside-in' experience but rather an 'inside-out' one, you'll get to see that you can radically shift your life by changing your internal lens.

We live with many misunderstandings about how we actually experience the world. Few of us realise how our thoughts and feelings create our reality. These misconceptions hold us back and stand in the way of us living the life we dream of living.

In this short video I go beyond the misunderstandings and go straight to the truth - The 5 Fundamental Truths. When you have an accurate understanding of what is actually going on in your 'internal' and 'external' world, you get to see that life is not coming AT you, it's coming FROM you.


This understanding is the game changer!

In this FREE video I break down The 5 Fundamental Truths into Reality, Thoughts, Feelings, Past/Future and The Present Moment. By bringing awareness to the workings of your mind you have a new framework from which you can operate and, in so doing, create an extraordinary life.

As Stephen Covey put it, "We see the world not as it is, but as WE are".

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About Me

I am a Mind Freedom Fighter with a passion for helping people free their minds of thoughts and beliefs that create a false reality. I am a facilitator of Byron Katie’s “The Work” - a tool used by hundreds of thousands of people around the world to successfully & permanently eliminate stressful and negative thoughts. My ability to inspire, engage and shift people’s lives has been garnered over 20 years as a Director & Facilitator of The Communicator and as a radio talk show host on Cani FM, Highveld Stereo, Chai FM & Radio Today.

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