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Niki Seberini as a speaker

Do you know that you are 100% responsible for your experience of life?

Believe me,

I had no idea either!

I hit a pretty low point in my early 40's when, over a period of three years, I endured a litany of losses in both my personal and professional life. It left me feeling depressed, hopeless, fearful & stuck in a "pit of despair". I believed life was unfair, cruel, scary and just plain difficult.


One day in April 2015 my son and I were hit by a speeding car that had skipped a traffic light and then spun us off the road. It was this jarring, life threatening incident that woke me up to reality. Not the false reality I had created in my mind but the actual reality playing out in front of me.


I used to believe that it was the losses, setbacks and challenges in my life that were making me feel stressed & anxious. I was certain that as soon as things changed I would feel better, be happy and at peace...


You know the story:

When you get the right job... 

When you're in a good relationship...

When you lose weight...

When other people change / listen to you / respect you ...

When you're earning more money...


But that's not how it works...

You see, coming so close to death gave me a new appreciation for life. Nothing had changed (I was still in mourning, unemployed & in a financial crisis) yet I experienced an overwhelming sense of gratitude, joy & love for life!

Niki Seberini - The Mind Freedom Fighter

Once I realised it was my thoughts and not my actual reality that was causing my suffering, I felt like I had been freed from a self imposed life sentence. I embarked on a journey of discovery & learning. I learnt about the workings of the mind, neuroscience, the impact of thoughts & emotions and I adopted a mindfulness practice. I began to use Byron Katie's Inquiry Method and attended her "School For The Work" in 2019.

My purpose is to share my work and help people unlock their minds. Once we realise we operate like projectors and not cameras, we move into the drivers seat and start to live consciously and with purpose. 

Every thought, judgement & story we have is projected onto our reality. Moment by moment we are creating our reality which means we are 100% responsible for our experience of life!

Do you know that you have EVERYTHING you need to be happy right now?

You're just ONE thought away ... 


My passion is to help you find the freedom that lies on the other side of "I'm not good enough", "there's something wrong with me", "they don't understand/respect/love me", "life is too hard", "life is not fair", "I need more money", "I need to be better", "I'm not being heard", "no-one understands", "things shouldn't change", "what if...", "I can't rely on anyone"

When you realise that you have everything you need to be happy in this moment, your life shifts dramatically.


I use a process of Self Inquiry to help you free your mind of the thoughts that are creating a false reality.

I share simple tools to help you rework your mental patterns so as to unlock your mind. 

My techniques include Mindfulness as well as  Byron Katie's "The Work". You'll be able to identify the thoughts that create stress, anxiety, negativity, frustration & depression. Any belief that stands in the way of you living a meaningful, peaceful life are put  up against four simple questions until they lose their "charge" & are liberated.

I've worked in communications training and media for 20 years with Vodacom, Pick 'n Pay, RCI, Bidvest, MTN, AVIS and Nandos as my main clients.  I've helped thousands of executives overcome their communication blocks as well as their anxiety of public speaking by using, amongst other skills, meditation, breathing and visualisation by helping them “get in the zone”.

I've had the privilege of interviewing extraordinary thought leaders & radical thinkers whilst on Highveld Stereo (947), Radio Today, Chai FM & Cani FM. I even had the opportunity to syndicate my show "Conversations with Niki" to 10 radio stations around South Africa.

I currently host The DL Link Show on 101.9 ChaiFM. It is a prominent show about health, wellness & personal growth.

In 2017 I started Coffee & Conversations with Niki because I strongly believe in the healing and transformative power of sharing and connecting within a community. We are a community of people who are on a path of inner realisation, growth and freedom and we get together in an informal setting (preferably a lovely coffee shop) where we connect, share and support one another. The purpose is to work through everyday issues & come out the other side with a clear mind, equipped to deal with life's challenges.

A little more about me...
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