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What is a One-On-One Wellbeing session?

One-on-one sessions are focused on identifying specific stressful or problematic issues that keep coming up for you. Together we identify the underlying thoughts and beliefs that are causing you to feel stressed / sad / anxious / frustrated / disappointed / fearful / angry or hopeless. I use Byron Katie's powerful method of self inquiry. It is a simple yet powerful process of asking and answering 4 questions. It's a revolutionary approach because by questioning your thoughts you get to release the "charge" and they dissolve and make way for new possibilities. When you no longer have the same thoughts and beliefs circulating in your mind you no longer have the same reality. You are able to move forward with a renewed sense of purpose and peace. You get to experience the clarity and joy on the other side of these concepts because this freeing process gives you an entirely different perspective of your life.


How does it work?

Each session lasts 60 - 75 minutes and takes place either in-person or online. The objective is to work with one concept or issue per session. I facilitate the process self inquiry and use mindfulness and breathwork to support the process.

This transformative process of answering the questions takes you on a personal journey as you tap into your true essence and inner wisdom. You find your OWN answers as opposed to relying on someone else's knowledge or wisdom to emancipate you. It is precisely for this reason that The Work is so effective as well as long lasting.

This is what you'll need for your Online Mind Freedom Session:

  • Internet

  • A laptop/PC,Ipad or Phone

  • Whatsapp/Skype or Zoom

We are all unique and find our freedom at a varying pace. Sometimes the concept is "blown" from one session and other times it may take a few worksheets - like peeling away the layers of an onion.

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