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Wellbeing Session with Niki Seberini

Empowering Wellbeing Through
Breathwork and Self Inquiry 


While breathing is an automatic function, breathwork takes it a step further. It's the conscious and deliberate control of your breath to optimise your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. Many of us have unknowingly developed suboptimal breathing patterns which can have a negative impact on our health and wellness. Through the ART framework, you'll unlock the remarkable potential within your breath:

You'll learn to energise yourself when drained, find calm amidst overwhelm and experience deep healing and transformation by connecting your breath. Specific breathwork exercises can empower you to reduce stress, improve sleep, strengthen your immune system & cardiovascular health and enhance emotional regulation, all leading to a greater sense of wellbeing.

Harnessing The Power Of Your Breath

Beyond Talk Therapy : Embodied Healing

Traditional therapy can benefit greatly from an embodied approach, going beyond just addressing thoughts and behaviors. Breathwork is a powerful tool that bridges the mind-body connection, helping you access and release emotional blockages, stress patterns, and even past traumas, all in a safe and empowering way. This transformative practice, known as Conscious Connected Breathing, is a cornerstone of our sessions. We'll incorporate breathwork exercises designed to deepen your connection with your body, release tension, prevent burnout, and guide you towards a state of profound relaxation.

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"Breathwork is probably the most underrated and yet most accessible means to tap into our inner resources,
shift our physiological and emotional responses and access our highest capacities as human beings."

Breathwork Africa

Self-Inquiry with Byron Katie's Work

Self Inquiry is a process that can lead to powerful insights and a shift in perspective, allowing you to see situations in a new light and experience more peace and joy. We explore your thoughts and beliefs related to specific challenges you might be experiencing or areas you'd like to improve in your life. Through gentle questioning based on Byron Katie's work, we'll uncover underlying thoughts that might be creating stress / sadness / anxiety / frustration / anger / disappointment / fear / hopelessness. 

Combining these modalities

The combination of breathwork and self-inquiry creates a potent space for transformation. By exploring your thoughts and beliefs while incorporating the power of breathwork, you can gain a deeper understanding of yourself, release emotional blocks, and cultivate a greater sense of peace and wellbeing.

Tailored For You:


This session is completely tailored to your unique needs and goals. We will discuss what you'd like to focus on and create a safe and supportive space for you to explore your thoughts and feelings.

By the end of the session, you could experience:

  • A deeper understanding of yourself and your challenges

  • A shift in perspective

  • Reduced stress and anxiety

  • Increased feelings of peace and wellbeing

  • Tools and techniques you can use to continue your journey towards greater wellbeing



Each session lasts 75 minutes and takes place either in-person or online.

Ready to embark on your path to greater wellbeing?

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