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The transformation and liberation of the mind can only be achieved from going within and working from the inside out. It's never going to be about other people or circumstances changing in order for us to achieve inner peace and joy. When we learn to harness our extraordinary minds we realise that sustained joy, peace of mind & equanimity comes from us.

I have worked as a facilitator for over 20 years with my focus always being on an experiential process in order for a shift to take place.

I love working with both big and small groups when facilitating my workshops & am always happy to work around my client's specific needs in order to achieve the best results.
For my One-on-One facilitation I use Byron Katie's Inquiry where we identify the thoughts and beliefs that are causing suffering and put them up against Katie's 4 Questions ( 


We all have an untapped, powerful resource within us. It is the key differentiator in how we live, achieve, grow and adapt: our clarity of mind in any given moment. 

In order to harness the incredible power of our minds we first need an understanding of how it works as well as the impact our thoughts and emotions have on everything we do. 


I offer One-On-one Mind Freedom Session programmes to meet the needs of individuals who are struggling in both their personal and professional lives. Together we identify specific challenges and use Byron Katie's method of Inquiry to bring about clarity of mind and freedom from an old paradigm of thinking and operating.

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