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What Is Conscious Connected Breathing?

Conscious Connected Breathing is a powerful and transformative breathwork practice facilitated by a certified breathwork practitioner. It utilises a circular breathing technique, where the inhale and exhale connect seamlessly, creating an increase of oxygen and a build up of energy in the nervous system. This potent yet safe practice can help dissolve habits and patterns of stress.  By activating the nervous system through this connected breath, openings to greater self-awareness, inner peace and even deeper states of consciousness can be experienced.


In a safe and supportive space, created by the facilitator, you'll have the opportunity to relax deeply, experience profound healing and integrate positive changes.

There is tremendous power in sharing this experience within a group. Witnessing and feeling the energy of others engaged in breathwork can deepen your own experience and inspire you to reach new levels. The collective energy created can be incredibly powerful, promoting a sense of unity and fostering healing on a greater level.


The mind is the king of the senses.
The breath is the king of the mind.

- BKS Iyenger -


Get ready to learn, have fun and unlock your potential!


My workshops are designed to be an engaging and interactive experience. Through exploration and discovery we delve into how to shift a mindset, unlock wellbeing, breathe for power & relaxation, revolutionise the mind and turn stress around. This fun and powerful approach will leave you and your team feeling equipped with new skills and a fresh perspective.

While there are generic workshops on offer, my speciality lies in customising a workshop for the specific needs of your team.



I offer One-On-one Wellbeing Sessions to support you if you are struggling in your personal or professional life. Together we identify specific challenges and use Breathwork as well as Byron Katie's method of Inquiry to bring about clarity and freedom from an old paradigm of thinking and behaving.

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