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Get Ready To Learn, Have Fun 
& Unlock Your Potential!

20+ Years of Empowering Transformation:

With over two decades of designing and facilitating workshops, I've helped countless teams and individuals unlock their potential and achieve their goals.

My workshops are designed to be an engaging and interactive experience. Through exploration and discovery we delve into how to shift a mindset, unlock wellbeing, breathe for power, revolutionise the mind and turn stress around. This fun and powerful approach will leave you and your team feeling equipped with new skills and a fresh perspective.


We all have an untapped, powerful resource within us - it's our wellbeing. From this balanced 'state' we can live happier, healthier and more purposeful lives. However, our ability to access a state of wellbeing is not always easy. With an emphasis on it being a moment by moment experience, we get to see that wellbeing is all about being well NOW. 

In order to harness the incredible power of our minds we first need an understanding of how it works as well as the impact our thoughts and emotions have on everything we do. 


I offer One-On-one Wellbeing Sessions to meet the needs of individuals who are struggling in both their personal and professional lives. Together we identify specific challenges and use Byron Katie's method of Inquiry as well as Breathwork to bring about clarity and freedom from an old paradigm of thinking and behaving.

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