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An uplifting & inspiring talk as Niki takes the audience on a personal journey of how she reclaimed her life! The inevitable changes and challenges that life throws at us can cause us to falter and retract until we find ourselves “stuck” and unable to move forward.  This was Niki’s experience until a life threatening incident precipitated an extraordinary odyssey of self discovery, re-connection and self mastery.

As a Mind Freedom Fighter Niki is passionate about helping people free their minds of thoughts and stories that cause false realities and her message and methods are the wake up call to living fully, intentionally and whole-heartedly!

Niki weaves her story with actionable tools to help audiences shift from being a victim of circumstance to a creator of reality. She shares her illuminating story with wonderful anecdotes and insights backed by scientific research.


It is a touching, honest and humorous talk that will leave audiences feeling inspired and motivated to reconnect with their best selves.


This is a life shifting experience!

Talk Take-Away

  • Tools to start reclaiming one's life

  • How to build resilience

  • Using the mind as a superpower

  • Insights into the illusion of reality

  • Thought Management

  • Insights into Mindfulness

  • Importance of the "3 Businesses" 

  • Cultivation of happiness, compassion and gratitude


Mindfulness is an age old practice that is being used to alleviate the stresses of contemporary life. With over 30 years of research to back it up, Mindfulness is fast becoming a mainstream practice with individuals, armies, athletes, corporations and schools making use of this stress reducing, performance enhancing and life altering tool. 


Niki shares how Mindfulness Meditation can literally rewire our brains to improve our attention span, task accuracy, working memory, problem solving abilities as well as boost our immune system, lower our blood pressure and benefit from a host of other physiological improvements.


But what is it all about? Can anyone practice it? Is it complicated? Is it time consuming? Is it attached to a religious or spiritual system?


In this talk Niki debunks the many myths about Mindfulness and puts forward a secular, scientifically backed case as to why it is the antidote for our ever changing and demanding lives.

Talk Take-Away

  • Focus mode vs. default mode network

  • The myths and truths of Mindfulness

  • The Science behind Mindfulness

  • Mindfulness meditation - secular, mind exercise

  • Neuroplasticity - how to hack the brain

  • Mindfulness for stress reduction

  • Mindfulness for enhanced performance - The Zone


"WHEN" I get the job...

"WHEN" I lose weight...

"WHEN" I earn more money...

Many of us operate form the "WHEN" paradigm. 

"The Time Is NOW" is a talk about living and thriving "NOW".  Niki shares valuable tools on how to live fully and thrive in the here and now. Afterall, we have everything we need to be happy in this moment, we just need to be shown how.

Talk Take-Away

  • The 5 fundamental truths of the mind

  • Mindfulness

  • The paradigm of "when" and "if"

  • Acceptance - how and why

  • Inquiry - The Work of Byron Katie


"Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our own minds"  - Bob Marley

All experience comes from the mind and in this talk Niki shares mind mastery strategies to help individuals live their best life.

Niki uses the revolution as a metaphor for overthrowing the current mindset and liberating the mind from stressful, negative, oppressive thoughts. 

Niki makes use of neuroscience and scientific research to explain how the mind works while weaving these facts with fascinating anecdotes, personal stories, thoughtful videos and examples.

This is a powerful, motivating, mind expansive talk!

Talk TakeAway

  • The mind mastery principles - understanding of how the mind works

  • Mind mastery strategies

  • Tools to free the mind of stressful thoughts

  • The importance of Mindfulness

  • Tools for Mindfulness

  • Positive re-inforcements

  • The Mindset "Rightset"

  • Operating in "the zone"


In 2011 Brene Brown gave a famous TED Talk about the Power of Vulnerability and, ever since, people have been talking about the benefits of courage and authenticity in our world today. But what does that all mean and how is it relevant in our personal and professional lives?

Niki unpacks the pre-conceived ideas about vulnerability and looks at the importance of true human connection.

Talk Take-Away

  • An understanding of the fears of Vulnerability

  • An understanding of the benefits of Vulnerability

  • The true essence of human connection

  • Your story and how to tell it

  • Cognitive fusion and how to defuse


Workplace wellness is growing up and is going beyond the 7 dimensions - social wellness, emotional wellness, spiritual wellness, environmental wellness, occupational wellness, intellectual wellness and physical wellness.  Corporates are starting to include another dimension - Mind Wellness.

In this talk Niki explains how our mindset determines how interact, collaborate, create, listen, solve problems and sell. She delves into accessing "the zone" through focused mindfulness, an untapped resource in the corporate environment

Talk Take-Away

  • The role Mind Wellness plays in the workplace

  • 5 fundamental principles of mind

  • The mindset re-set

  • The mindset-reset morning ritual

  • The mindset-reset evening windown

  • Mindfulness in the workplace

  • Mindfulness meditation exercises

  • Operating in The Zone