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Is your life dull & repetitive?

Do you often feel anxious or overwhelmed?

Are your stress levels out of control?

Are you feeling "stuck"?

Are you sick of living on "auto-pilot"?

Why don't you invest in your most valuable asset - YOU!

Transform yourself and your life with Mindfulness.

In this workshop I explain what Mindfulness is and share why individuals, schools, armies, athletes & top corporates are using it as a stress reducing, performance boosting & life enhancing tool.

Mindfulness is secular and steeped in scientific research which has proven that people who practice Mindfulness & Meditation are happier, healthier and more successful than those who don't. It is also available to anyone who is willing to introduce it as a daily habit.

You may have tried Meditation in the past and either found it too difficult because you couldn't stop your thoughts, or you couldn't find time to practise it. Well, you're not alone! It's quite normal to feel this way.

I debunk these myths and show you simple ways of

integrating this powerful practice into your everyday life which can lead to 


Concentration / Memory / Empathy / Learning / Sleep / Relationships / 

Overall health / Quality of life


Workshop Take Away:

  • What Mindfulness is all about & the Science behind it

  • The "Two Minds"

  • A vision of your Future Self

  • How to manage stress - Check IN before you Check OUT technique

  • Meditation techniques

  • Dealing with thoughts while meditating

  • Beginners Mind

  • Stepping out of "auto-pilot" & bringing awareness to what you are doing, sensing and thinking in the moment

  • Tools to integrate Mindfulness into your daily life

  • Habit Stacking

"Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our own minds"  

 - Bob Marley -

Our mindset affects WHO we are and HOW we are in the world. It impacts the way we love, communicate, engage, lead, sell, create, collaborate, listen & deal with conflict.

I use a "revolution" as a metaphor for overthrowing our current "default" mindset which is often stuck in a state of anxious, self conscious overthinking! We are driven by our instinct to survive and are therefore wired with a negativity bias. We unconsciously look for the downside, risks and dangers in everyday situations which results in us being held back from fulfilling our full potential in all areas of our lives.


Once we wake up to how our minds work and learn to implement simple yet powerful daily mental habits to separate us from our limiting thoughts and beliefs, we are FREE to move forward within a completely new reality.

The result - a rich, joyful and successful life! 

In this interactive, immersive workshop you'll uncover the thoughts and stories that are causing you to feel stressed, anxious, reactive, angry, depressed, self conscious or unfulfilled. 

You'll embark on an internal revolution and learn practical, impactful tools to help you rewire your brain to ensure a lasting change.

The result:

An ability to find peace & joy irrespective of your circumstances

An inner resilience to better deal with the stresses of life

Contained & measured responses to situations

Collaborative engagements

A more productive and focused approach.

In other words, a better version of yourself in both your personal and professional life!

I use neuroscience to explain the workings of the mind and merge it with Mindfulness which forms the foundation of all my teaching. 


Workshop Take Away

  • The 5 Fundamental Truths - mind mastery principles

  • The Two Minds

  • The Golden Rule - Check IN before you Check OUT!

  • Triggers and Thought Loops

  • Mind Mastery Strategies - The 4 Processes

  • Mindfulness - The Brain Hack for the 21st Century

  • Mindfulness Meditation

  • Bringing Mindfulness into your everyday life

  • The Mindset "Rightset" - Morning and Evening Ritual



Many successful sportsmen, formula 1 drivers, musicians, gymnasts describe getting into "The Zone" or "Flow State" when they are operating at their best.  It is an “optimal state of consciousness where we feel our best and perform our best.” 

Mc Kinsy conducted a 10 year study on top executives and found they are five times more productive when they are in a "Flow State".

In this workshop Niki will take you to Phase 2 of mind mastery with the focus being on training the brain to get into "The Zone" or "Flow State" through the use of visualisation and mindfulness. 

Workshop TakeAway

  • Mind mastery strategies

  • The paradox of the present moment

  • Using the RAS to re-wire the brain

  • The "laws" of visualisation

  • The importance of Mindfulness

  • Tools for Mindfulness

  • Mindfulness meditation

  • Operating in "the zone"

niki seberini _ the mind freedom fighter
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