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2022 - Flexibility, Fluidity and Laughter!

The theme for 2022
Flexibility, Fluidity and Laughter

Can I be honest?

Well, the truth is I never sat down and wrote out goals, dreams or resolutions for 2022. Nothing. Nada.

I couldn't.

To be honest I was too exhausted from what has been a very busy, demanding and personally challenging time. So I decided to chill and remove the pressure of planning. Instead I allowed myself to be in a space of 'who knows' and as I embodied this freeing & flexible attitude, things started to became clear: My year won't begin with an expectation of achieving, reaching and delivering but rather with an attitude and theme of Flexibility, Fluidity and Laughter.

I've always been the large oak tree that stood firm and strong, weathering the storms of life and protecting those I love. I've enjoyed being the impregnable, immovable one but change is good and I'm loving shedding my outer bark and allowing the softer and more flexible side immerge. I'm excited about bending and moving in the direction the wind takes me with 'who knows' as my mantra.

Did I mention I'm going to be doing this with a huge dose of laughter? I recently went for dinner with my family and someone threw a funny comment into the conversation and we began to laugh and laugh. It didn't make much sense but we couldn't stop laughing. The type of laughter that makes your stomach hurt and tears pour down your face. The laughter that smooths out the stresses, feeds the soul and fills the heart with so much joy it can burst!

How does this sound? Do you want to join me on my adventure of being more pliable in the face of uncertainty, more flexible regarding changing lanes, less rigid when someone opposes you and all with an undertone of humour and joy?

Let's get started with this little gem that got me smiling, then giggling and soon I was laughing out loud.

Bring it on!

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1 Comment

Dec 07, 2022

Very beautiful

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