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Getting Unstuck - A Journey Within

Updated: Jan 5, 2021


Hi! My name is Niki Seberini (Mind Freedom Fighter) and this is my first blog. I started "vlogging" a few years ago (video blogs) which I really enjoy. I also love the process of journalling where I get to sit with my thoughts, feelings and ideas and process them while writing them down. (I highly recommend it).

So it was a natural next step to start a blog in order to share my insights and thoughts with you.

So here goes...

I've always been a glass "half full" kind of person until I went through a rough 3 years where I endured tremendous losses both in my personal and professional worlds:

I lost both my grandparents, father in-law & 3 of my four legged children.

I had to cancel my beloved radio show "Conversations with Niki" because I was finding it increasingly difficult to find advertisers and I could no longer fund it myself.

I lost a lucrative radio and t.v. contract which had been my stable income for 9 years.

Yep, I was unemployed, in a financial crisis and in mourning!

To top it all off I was experiencing a mini midlife crisis in my early 40's when I hit a junction in the road which I called my "crisis of purpose". I found myself asking questions like "Is this it?" "Is this all I am ever going to be?" "Where to from here?"

For some reason I thought I would have achieved so much more by the time I entered my 40's.

Let's not forget the power of Facebook and Instagram where everyone else looks like they have the perfect life and you and your life are simply "not enough".

I would wake up every morning with a heavy feeling of dread and yet I was able to put on a happy face for my husband, kids and the rest of the world.

Inside I felt like I was dying. I was stuck in a pit of despair.

This all changed one incredible afternoon in April 2015 when I was literally "woken up" with a bang - a car accident to be more specific.

I was taking my youngest son to football practice when another person in a car skipped a traffic light and came careening into us. The impact was on my side of the car and we went hurtling into the traffic light. I just remember a deafening bang, another bang and then an awful eerie silence. I sat there, gasping for air because I had been winded from the impact. I quickly looked at my son who was also trying to catch his breath.

We were ok! Apart from minor scratches and bruises we were ok!

My car was a write-off but for some inexplicable reason, we were 100% fine!

Later that evening, after I kissed my son goodnight, I began going over the accident in my mind and my imagination took route on a horrific path.

I had images of us both paralysed in hospital & then the most hideous thought of all flickered across my mind, "I could be preparing to bury my son..."

This appalling thought jolted me out of the nightmare and into the precious moment. I realised how unbelievably lucky we were and in that moment a feeling of love and gratitude overwhelmed me. A calming warmth entered my heart and I could feel it start to expand and fill me with an inner joy. I hadn't felt this way for a very long time.

Up until that evening I had blamed all the terrible things that had happened in my life for my sadness, anger, hopelessness. In that moment I realised I was still unemployed, financially compromised and in mourning and yet I WAS FILLED WITH A SUBLIME PEACE AND JOY!?!?

How was that possible?

It was then that I realised that it wasn't my reality that was causing my depression, it was simply my thoughts and stories that I had made up about my reality.

And that was the moment when a light came on inside me and I knew that it was possible for me to get unstuck from this static, heavy, lonely pit of despair.

There was a way out!

That was the beginning of my extraordinary journey within - finding myself, listening to myself, loving myself and connecting with my purest most connected self.

It's been 4 years of learning, growing, digging deep and the journey is ongoing.

It was on this journey that my second self, the Mind Freedom Fighter was born.

My life's purpose is to share my learning and teachings with others so that they too can learn to live from a clear mind. I am passionate about showing people how to free their minds of thoughts and beliefs that create false realities.

The car accident that took place in April 2015 was the best thing that's every happened to me because it woke me up the beauty of life and showed me a way forward.

When we live out of a clear mind, we are able to live joyful, peaceful and fulfilling lives.

I recorded a short video about my experience...

Wishing you peace of mind!

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